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He is a great, smart personal injury attorney that cares so much about his clients!

Kate C.

Look no further than Mr. Roberts! He made one of the hardest experiences a rather smooth one for me.

Vicki C.

He first made sure I was treated for my injuries, then took care of my case.

Raymond B.

My experience with Steve Roberts was positive from the first moment I consulted with him.

Mysti C.


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Steve is excellent at explaining the details without talking down to you or over your head.

Michael D.

He was such a knowledgeable and experienced attorney. I appreciated his guidance and advice.

Katie M.

I trust him with any and all legal issues. I have great confidence in him.

Ginny C.

He kept contact with me the whole time, and made sure I got the treatments that I needed.

Fred M.

I can't be thankful enough that I found him. Highly recommend his services!

Aleah G.
Have you been injured because someone wasn't careful with your safety? You deserve compensation, and we can help you get it.

Denver has a little something for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a traveler heading out of the Denver International Airport, an employee at one of Denver’s many businesses, or just a resident enjoying life in the city. There’s plenty for everyone to enjoy here.

Sadly, these people and places can interact in ways that become dangerous. When others act with negligence or recklessness, people like you can be hurt and left struggling to recover.

If you are injured in an accident due to the negligence of others, you could have a Denver personal injury claim. Often, the only way to recover fair compensation for your injuries is to file a personal injury claim in Denver. But dealing with an injury lawsuit on your own can be tough. You’re already facing injuries and your losses, which can be overwhelming, and you don’t need more added to your plate.

Here’s the good news: A personal injury lawyer near you from Roberts Accident Law Denver Injury & Accident Attorney can help you. We understand how important your compensation is to your recovery, and we know how to win every dollar you’re owed. Contact a Denver personal injury lawyer near you for help with your claim for compensation.




After studying at the University of Nebraska and Western State University College of Law, Steve Roberts settled in Denver, Colorado. He is now the managing attorney at Roberts Accident Law, where he focuses his efforts on helping personal injury victims like you.

Steve focuses his Denver law practice completely on Colorado personal injury claims. That way, he can put all of his energy into understanding Colorado injury law and helping clients who may struggle to navigate their legal situation. Steve treats each case with personalized care and an individualized approach. And he gives each client nothing less than his full attention and tireless legal advocacy.

If you work with Steve, you will always be more than “just another case.” Just ask his many satisfied clients and check out his online reviews. Steve is proud to bring to the table a strong record of success and a passion for the rights of injury victims.

In addition to his legal work helping clients like you, Steve is active in his community. He volunteers at Mi Casa’s legal nights and the Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association. He’s also a member of the Colorado Bar Association, the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association, the Thompson G. Marsh Inn of Court, and the American Association for Justice.

Steve would be happy to meet you, discuss your case, and give you an honest assessment of your legal options for recovering compensation for your injuries. To schedule a free consultation, give him a call at 720-515-7058.


You need compensation. We’re here to help you fight for it.

After you’re injured in an accident in Denver, you might not be sure where to start as you try to recover. You know you need medical care, but what about the insurance company, property damage, and your ability to work? All of these issues can build up and make your post-injury life feel overwhelming.

A Denver personal injury lawyer near you can ease these worries and stresses. Your compensation is important to your recovery, and we want to help you fight for it. That means guiding you through the steps of your claim and making sure you’re in the best possible position.

For example, you’ll only have a limited time to file. For most Denver personal injury claims, you’ll need to file within two years or you could lose your opportunity for compensation. A Denver personal injury attorney near you can help put together the pieces of your lawsuit as soon as possible so you can be fairly compensated as quickly as possible.

Steps to a Denver Injury Claim

When you’re injured because of someone else’s carelessness, you’ll have to take several steps to recover compensation. Without help, these legal details can get tricky. For example, you know you’ll need medical care as soon as possible, but how will you pay for it? You’ll need to keep detailed records of your expenses.

You’ll likely also need to communicate with the insurance company during this time. If you were in a car crash, for example, you may need to discuss a settlement with the insurer. In other cases, you’ll need to focus on suing the at-fault party.

Countless other questions will pop up during this time. Can I sue on behalf of my child? Will I have to go to court for my personal injury claim? How do I write a demand letter? These are all great questions, and they’re questions that your nearby personal injury attorney in Denver can answer for you.

Guidance for You and Your Family

Making sure you file your personal injury claim correctly can be tough. It’s one thing to be focused on the laws surrounding your claim. It’s another to navigate the complex legal field while dealing with the serious injuries you’re already suffering from.

That’s why a personal injury attorney near you from Roberts Accident Law can be such an asset for you during this time. We know how tough legal issues can be. When you’re injured or a loved one has died due to someone’s carelessness, your situation can feel impossible. But with Steve on your side, you can breathe easier.

When you’re dealing with serious injuries in Colorado, you may need an injury lawyer near you to guide you and your loved ones through this difficult time. The experience and compassion—not to mention the legal knowledge and representation—that an attorney can provide can make all the difference, so reach out for the help your family needs today.

Millions recovered
You don’t have to face this on your own.Call our firm for help with every aspect of your lawsuit.


ROBERTS Accident Law

A personal injury lawsuit isn’t an easy undertaking. You’re already suffering in a lot of ways, and you won’t want to enter this fight without a legal ally backing you up. However, a quick Google search may bring up a hundred lawyers in the area. Who do you choose?

Choosing the best personal injury lawyer in Denver isn’t easy, but it is vital to the success of your claim. Other personal injury attorneys may make grand promises to potential clients, but at Roberts Accident Law, we’re ready to show you what we will do for you.

Why choose us? Because you'll want to know that you're dealing with a Denver personal injury lawyer who has your best interests in mind. The traits detailed below are just a few examples of what to look for in a top Denver injury lawyer:


When you’re injured in an accident, you need to know what to expect, when to act, and how Colorado law will affect your case. You’ll need an attorney who understands how to handle your claim the right way.


You want a Denver personal injury attorney who will do everything they can to make sure your claim is successful. You want a Denver personal injury lawyer near you who understands your case and will keep fighting for you even when you’re struggling with a difficult lawsuit.


After an injury, you’re struggling with severe losses that could affect your future. That can be tough to overcome, and your personal injury lawyer should have the compassion to help you through this time.


Some lawyers may try to multitask, taking on various cases in many different areas of the law at the same time. That can lead to an attorney who’s not focused on you and your recovery. You want an injury attorney who is focused on you and only you.


If your future is on the line, you want to know that you’ll have the best chance possible to win the compensation you deserve. That’s why a lawyer from Roberts Accident Law may be the right option for you. We believe our track record speaks for itself.

Colorado Trial Lawyers Association

Members of the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association work across the state to protect the right to trial by jury and promote public safety. That’s a mission we’re proud to support.

Super Lawyers

Super Lawyers is a respected rating service that highlights outstanding attorneys in various practice areas and locations. We’re proud to have been selected to this distinguished group of top personal injury lawyers.

American Inns of Court

The Thompson G. Marsh American Inn of Court, part of the American Inns of Court, is a professional attorney association that promotes legal skills, ethics, civility, and professionalism in law.

National Trial Lawyers Top 40 Under 40

This professional organization allows only the most qualified attorneys from each state to become members. Promising attorneys under age forty are selected for their leadership, trial results, and public profile.



When you’re injured in a serious accident—whether it’s a motorcycle wreck, an auto accident, or a semi-truck collision knowing what comes next is key. You’re injured and in need of compensation, but you’re not sure where to begin. Sadly, many people find themselves stuck with unanswered questions and struggling to recover the compensation they deserve.

For the answers to some common questions we receive, see below. If you have more questions, the team at Roberts Accident Law is here to answer them during a free legal consultation.

If I was partly at fault for my accident, can I still seek compensation?

Colorado recognizes “comparative negligence” laws, which means that your amount of fault for the accident will matter. While you may still be able to seek compensation for your injury, that compensation could be reduced by the percentage of fault you’re found to hold.

For example, if you slipped and fell, but you were texting at the time, you may be assigned 15 percent of the blame. That means you’ll only receive 85 percent of your compensation. Worse, if you’re more at fault than the other person, your claim could be dismissed altogether.

What if I don’t know who caused my accident?

When you’re injured, it’s not always clear who was responsible for the injury. In some cases, you might even know who caused the injuries, but you might not be sure who’s legally liable for your losses. That’s where your personal injury lawyer comes in. We will begin by gathering and examining evidence. Then, we’ll put our legal knowledge to use to help us identify all the parties who might owe you compensation.

Someone intentionally injured me and is facing criminal charges. Can I still sue?

While you’ll still be able to sue, you’ll need to remember that there is a difference between your civil lawsuit and a criminal case. You won’t be compensated in a criminal case, but the responsible party may be brought to justice.

What is a lawyer contingency fee?

When you’re seeking compensation after an injury, you might be worried about the cost of hiring a Denver personal injury attorney. You’re already facing hefty expenses, so you don’t want to pay for a lawyer if you’re not sure you’ll win. Fortunately, that’s exactly what contingency fees are for.

A contingency fee means that what you pay is contingent on (depends on) whether your claim is successful. Instead of paying a set amount, you’ll pay your injury attorney a set percentage of the compensation you receive. That way, you won’t be hit with any unexpected expenses, and you pay nothing if we don’t win.



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