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Denver Wrongful Death Lawyer

Losing a loved one is already painful enough. Trying to recover compensation for your losses can add to the trauma after a wrongful death. Fortunately, your Denver attorney can work to give your family the guidance, comfort, and justice you need.

Denver families may find themselves grieving recently because of a death in the family. You may have lost a loved one because of a careless driver, a negligent property owner, an unsafe product, a reckless mistake by a doctor at a Denver healthcare facility, or even a personal attack. These losses can feel overwhelming.

When you believe that someone was at fault for these losses, it adds another layer of grief. Unfortunately, juggling mourning and a lawsuit isn’t easy, which is why your family could use a Denver wrongful death lawyer. At Roberts Accident Law, we understand how difficult dealing with your grief is, so we’ll help you work to get the closure you deserve.

Finding the At-Fault Party

When a loved one is killed in an accident, knowing who’s responsible is key. Unfortunately, it can be tough, too. You may not have even been present at the accident, and if the responsible person was at work, it can be even more complex.

Fortunately, that’s where your attorney in Denver comes in. We understand that finding liability can be a challenge. That’s why we’ll start by going over the evidence for your claim and reviewing any accounts of the fatal injury. That way, we should be able to determine who caused this wrongful death and who is responsible for it.

Eligibility for a Wrongful Death Claim

Unfortunately, a lawsuit on behalf of another person can be complex. You’re suing for another person, so to prevent several people filing for the same injury, Colorado law narrows down who’s eligible and when they’re eligible to file.

In the first year after your loved one’s passing, only the spouse may be able to recover compensation for their losses. After another year, though, any surviving children or heirs are allowed to file, as well. If there is no living spouse or child, the parents can file instead.

If anyone from these groups fails to file a wrongful death claim, the representative of the estate has the option to file. That gives the estate a chance to file for their losses even if there are no family members who can or will file.

Compensation Offered for Denver Families

Once you’ve found whether you’re eligible to file a fatal accident claim, you’ll need to know what your claim is worth. Your family deserves compensation for all the losses suffered, both financial and emotional.

The economic losses you’ve suffered will typically cover any funds you’ve lost through the situation. For example, if your loved one passed away because of a car accident, the vehicle may have been totaled. That leaves you struggling with those property losses on top of everything else.

However, you’re primarily also grieving. You lost a family member, and that can take an emotional toll. The damage to your enjoyment of life can be serious, so you’ll need a wrongful death attorney in Denver to help you find how much these kinds of intangible losses are worth.

If you’re dealing with a wrongful death claim, you may be eligible for the following damages:

In addition to these losses, the estate’s representative can also seek other damages. They may also ask for compensation for the deceased’s final hospital bills, as well as the costs for a funeral and burial.

Colorado Laws Affecting Your Fatal Accident Claim

You’ll also need to speak to your lawyer not just about getting your full compensation but about protecting your claim. Colorado law can dismiss your claim if you’re not careful, leaving you struggling to overcome your losses without resources.

For example, you may already know that there are certain time limits for an injury claim in Denver. You will only have two years total to file your claim after the accident. If you’re a child of the deceased, that means you’ll essentially have one year to file your claim, so let your lawyer know quickly about your case.

Talk to a Wrongful Death Lawyer in Denver

When you’ve lost a loved one, the impact can be severe, both emotionally and financially. A lawsuit may not bring your loved one back, but it can help you recover your losses and focus on your grief, not on your finances.

If you’re ready to file a Denver wrongful death claim, get started with a free consultation. At Roberts Accident Law, we want you to know that we’re the right law firm for you before you begin. That’s why we’ll review your claim first, showing you what you need to know and how we’ll handle your case.

When you’re ready for your free consultation, your Denver wrongful death lawyer is waiting for you. To begin, reach out by calling 720-515-7058 or by filling out the online form below.



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