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BEST Denver Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

When you trust your loved one to a nursing home, you expect they’ll get the proper treatment they deserve. If instead, you suspect abuse, it’s important to act now and seek out a Denver lawyer’s help.

When the decision is made to help a loved one move into a nursing home, it may be that you simply were unable to give them the best care on your own. You want to make sure they get the full care they deserve throughout their lives, and a nursing home seems like a great choice for this. Unfortunately, many Denver nursing home residents are subjected to elder abuse each year.

If you’re concerned about your loved one, make sure to act fast and speak to a lawyer from Roberts Accident Law. Your Denver nursing home abuse lawyer can help you remove them from a dangerous situation and fight for justice.

Types of Nursing Home Abuse

Elder abuse can come in many forms, leaving your loved one suffering because of the organization or the staff’s negligence. If you’re concerned about a family member’s safety, speak to your nursing home abuse lawyer about the following types of abuse:


  • Physical Abuse – While accidents do happen (for example, the elderly often experience slip-and-falls), regular injuries and fear on the part of your elderly family member could be a sign of abuse. This abuse could leave them with permanent physical and mental injuries.
  • Psychological Abuse – Mental trauma can be just as painful as physical blows. Yelling, threatening, and manipulating your loved one are all forms of abuse that should be investigated.
  • Neglect – When your loved one doesn’t receive the care and attention they deserve, it can affect their health. If they seem unbathed or unfed, for example, you may need to act now.


Your Legal Options in Denver

When you suspect that your loved one is being abused, getting a Denver attorney on their side right away can help. They can contact the right authorities, who can help you move your family member out of their abusive environment.

Once the authorities investigate the complaint, you and your lawyer may gather further evidence to build a case against the nursing home. This might include evidence of injuries to your loved one, eyewitness accounts, and other signs of abuse.

From there, with a lawyer’s help you can take your injury claim to court on behalf of your loved one, if they cannot act on their own. Your attorney can argue that the nursing home put your family member in danger, risking their health, safety, and happiness. Then, the judge will review the claim and determine whether to award your family compensation for your losses.

Turn to a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney in Denver

Knowing that an elderly or disabled family member is being abused is difficult. You might not be sure where to begin when getting them out of that situation and into a safer location. You might not have the answers to help them, but a lawyer can help.

At Roberts Accident Law, we understand the trauma nursing home neglect and mistreatment might leave your loved one dealing with. We know how severe that pain can be, and we can work to help your family seek safety and justice.

Get started with a free consultation, where you’ll learn what to expect and get your personal injury questions answered before you have to agree to anything. To get started now, reach out to a Denver nursing home abuse lawyer by calling 720-515-7058 or by completing the online form below.



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