He is a great, smart personal injury attorney that cares so much about his clients! Kate C.
Look no further than Mr. Roberts! He made one of the hardest experiences a rather smooth one for me. Vicki C.
He first made sure I was treated for my injuries, then took care of my case. Raymond B.
My experience with Steve Roberts was positive from the first moment I consulted with him. Mysti C.

BEST Denver Broken Bone Lawyer

A bone fracture can be a painful experience. If your broken bone was caused by the careless or negligent actions of another, contact a Denver lawyer for help holding the at-fault party accountable.

A serious injury takes time and energy you could be spending on something else. You may have a job, kids, pets, or a spouse you want to enjoy. Instead, you’re dealing with the pain and trouble that a broken bone can leave you with.

Worse, someone else left you in such a difficult position, and they don’t want to pay for your recovery. Now what? Fortunately, you’ll have a chance to recover with the help of a lawyer at Roberts Accident Law. Your Denver broken bone lawyer can help you get the full compensation you need while you’re dealing with a fracture.

Colorado Law Will Affect Your Claim

When you’ve broken a bone in a motor vehicle collision or on someone else property, for example, you might be considering a lawsuit, but you might not be sure where to begin. Worse, if you don’t have someone with experience on your side, you could inadvertently be putting your compensation at risk.

For example, you’ll need to act immediately to get your compensation. If you don’t seek compensation within three years, your claim will be dismissed. That means you’ll be unable to seek compensation.

You could also be blamed for your own injuries. The responsible party might claim you were partly at fault for the accident, and if the judge finds you responsible, it can affect your compensation amount. You could lose some or all your compensatory funds for your losses.

Compensation for Your Injuries

When you break a bone because of someone else’s negligence, getting your full compensation is important for your recovery. Your injury can take a toll on your financial, physical, and mental health. You should be compensated for all these losses.

Fortunately, your Denver attorney should have the tools and resources you need. We understand how difficult it can be to calculate these losses, and we can help you calculate their full and true value.

If you’re struggling with your losses after a bone fracture, reach out to a lawyer for help getting compensation. For example, you could be awarding compensation for the following losses:

  • Hospital expenses
  • Household accommodations, such as ramps
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

Seek Out a Broken Bone Lawyer from Denver

Dealing with a broken bone can be difficult and complex. You’re hurt, but the person responsible for that pain isn’t interested in helping you recover. Instead, they want to protect their own funds. Fortunately, you don’t have to seek compensation alone.

Your lawyer at Roberts Accident Law can help your claim succeed. Dealing with a major injury isn’t easy, so having someone on your side who can help your claim succeed while you tend to your bone fracture can help. We can even get started with a free consultation, where we’ll discuss your options and help you decide the best route to take.

To begin, reach out to your Denver broken bone lawyer for help. We can be reached by calling 720-515-7058 or by completing the online form below.



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