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BEST Denver Slip-and-Fall Lawyer

When you’ve suffered an injury on someone else’s property, it’s tough to find the right person to take to task for a lawsuit. Fortunately, your Denver attorney can help you with your slip and fall case settlement.

Injured? You Might Need a Denver Slip-and-Fall Attorney

Most of us spend plenty of time in and out of other people’s property and even public property. Whether you’re doing a little shopping, handling a legal matter at the Denver City and County Building, or spending an afternoon at Cheesman Park, you may spend much of your days outside the home. Sadly, that means you could be injured because someone didn’t make sure their guests were safe.

For representation in Colorado slip-and-fall accidents, reach out to Denver slip-and-fall lawyer Steve Roberts. Generally, landowners have a duty to maintain and keep their property in a reasonably safe condition to avoid injuring those who are on the property. There are different requirements according to the law based on each particular case. For example – your classification while you were on the property in question according to the law. Due to the complexity of these liability issues, it is strongly recommended that you consult an experienced attorney if you have been injured on the property of another person or business.

What Is Premises Liability Law in Colorado?

An injury case that happens on someone else’s property is called a “premises liability” case. It is important to speak with an experienced premises liability attorney. Your attorney will look at your case and review the Colorado Premises Liability Act. Based on your specific facts your attorney will be able to give the best advice on your case.

Keep in mind, as a plaintiff (someone who brings the lawsuit) you need to prove that your injuries were the result of another party breaking the law. Navigating the process is difficult. In order to recover all of the damages owed to you, you need to work with an experienced attorney. Liability is notoriously difficult to prove in slip-and-fall cases, but a good attorney can help.

Common Injuries in Property Injury Claims

denver slip and fall lawyerWhen you’re injured on someone else’s property, it’s important to act now to deal with your injuries. You’re hurt, but it can be tough to recover from your injuries. You’ll need to determine how severe your injuries are, starting with a visit to the doctor as soon as possible. This can help show that your injuries were caused by the property accident, not an unrelated incident.

Many types of injuries fall within the umbrella of premises liability. The Colorado Premises liability act covers the following types of injuries from slip-and-fall accidents:

Injuries should be reviewed on a case by case basis. It is important to get medical treatment as soon as possible after the injury happens.

Who’s Responsible?

When you’re first injured in a premises liability case, you’re likely focused on the compensation you should receive. However, you’ll also need to determine who’s responsible for your claim, too. Unfortunately, that can be a little complex.

For example, you may assume that the person who may have caused the conditions of your accident should be responsible. For example, an employee may not have put out a “wet floor” sign, and you slipped and fell.

However, the employee may not be responsible. Instead, you may need to find the property owner to get your full compensation. Your lawyer can help you find the person legally responsible and file a claim against them.

Do I Need a Slip-and-Fall Lawyer?

Building codes and safety standards require landowners to keep property in good repair. They risk lawsuits for slip-and-fall or premises liability issues if they do not. However, proving that a building or lot didn’t meet standards can be difficult. The incident may require an expert to examine the scene and offer their opinion. Hiring a slip-and-fall lawyer makes this process much easier. Insurance companies can be especially difficult to deal with in slip-and-fall cases. At Roberts Accident Law, we know how tough it can be to get the full compensation you deserve after a major accident. That’s why we’ll focus on guiding you through your property liability claim.

Slip-and-Fall Case Results

Slip-and-fall cases are very difficult cases, they’re fact-dependent,
often turning on a few factual specific details.

We represented an excellent woman, who had started a non-profit organization here in Denver, Colorado. She was shopping at a store and ultimately fell on ice in an area that a store employee had directed her to go to in order to get the item she was looking for. No one from the store was there to see her fall or help her, so she laid there. She ended up calling her daughter, and then her daughter called the store to have employees go help our client. While our client waited for help, laying on the ice as she couldn’t get up, she took photographs of the area. Liability was initially denied, but after a tough bout of litigation in federal court we were able to achieve a result that pleased our client.

Obstacles to Your Slip & Fall Claim

Unfortunately, you might find some difficulties in the way of your claim. Premises liability claims can be tough, and the responsible party will likely defend themselves. They probably don’t want to pay for your recover, so they may fight back to avoid it.

For example, they may question whether you were welcome or invited onto the property. If you were trespassing, for example, you typically won’t have the chance to file for compensation.

They may also defend themselves by saying they didn’t know and couldn’t have known about the danger. Property owners have a duty to keep their guests safe, but that duty doesn’t cover all dangers. For example, if there was no way they could have known about a stair step that had collapsed, they may claim they shouldn’t be liable for your injuries. Your Denver lawyer will need to address these defenses.

Compensation for a Denver Slip and Fall Accident

Your accident can get expensive quickly, too. You’ve been hurt and traumatized, and that can be costly. You’ll need to take action and file for your full losses, or damages.

For example, you’ll need to file for your financial losses. These should cover all the funds you’ve paid or will pay for your recovery, like medical bills or property damage. You’ll simply need to add these damages up.

Non-economic losses aren’t so easy. If you’ve suffered pain or emotional trauma, for example, you’ll need compensation for these losses, but you may not have the tools to find their financial worth. You’ll need to seek out a premises liability attorney who will have the resources you need to calculate your total claim value.

Contact a Denver Slip and Fall Lawyer Near You Today

When you’re hurt on someone else’s property, recovering can be tough. You’re not just hurt, after all. You’re also facing the aftermath of their carelessness, and they may not want to pay for your losses. Fortunately, that’s where the lawyers at Roberts Accident Law can come in.

If you’re struggling with your property injury claim in Denver, reach out for help from our attorneys. We understand how difficult it can be to overcome your losses, so we’ll help you get started with a free consultation about your injuries. That way, you know what to expect before we begin.

A slip-and-fall injury can be very serious. In order to receive maximum compensation for your injuries, reach out to Denver slip-and-fall lawyer Steve Roberts today. Contact us online or, call to speak with an attorney right away. Schedule a free consultation today!



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