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3 Amazingly Lucky Motorcycle Accident Survival Stories


According to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcyclists are 35 times more likely to experience a fatal accident on the road than those in passenger cars. Ironically enough, this population includes those who have defied the odds by surviving serious accidents in quite unusual ways. Check out a few of these very lucky motorcycle accident outcomes for yourself.

  1. Total Eclipse of the Heart

We use a lot of figurative language when discussing matters of the heart, but the following case was much more literal for one Italian motorist. As a result of a traumatic motorcycle accident, the man’s heart rotated within his body, ending up on the right side of his chest. What’s even more surprising is that the rotation occurred as late as an hour after the accident. Doctors found that the accident itself caused immediate injuries to the man’s lungs, which caused air leakage and buildup in the chest. This leakage, they argued, is likely what caused the heart’s rotation. Fortunately, doctors restored the man to a healthy condition after a few surgical operations.

  1. Thinking on Your Feet

It’s not often that a motorcycle accident results in both a completely demolished bike and a virtually untouched rider, but this is exactly what happened for one Russian motorist. Captured by a nearby vehicle’s dashboard camera, the accident shows the motorcyclist colliding head-first with the back of a sedan that unexpectedly switched lanes a moment prior. The force of the collision caused the motorist to perform a front flip, catapulting him forward and landing on his feet on top of the very car he collided with. Talk about thinking on your feet!

  1. Exploding Motorcycle

Filmed with another dash-cam from an adjacent vehicle, South Carolina motorist, Will Tumour, can be seen flying forward after colliding with a truck’s attached trailer, followed by an explosion of broken pieces from his vibrant orange Kawasaki ZX-10. Miraculously, Tumour walked away with just a broken wrist, a broken leg, and some bruising—in addition to a good hard lesson about paying more attention on the road.

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