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The Most Common Injuries We See from Motorcycle Accidents

The simple truth is, motorcyclists are at inherent risk. Motorcyclists need to handle their bikes with care, and other drivers need to treat bikers with respect. Sadly, all too often, drivers fail to safely share Colorado roads with motorcyclists. When motorcycle accidents occur, the consequences can be particularly devastating. According to data collected and published by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CODOT), motorcycles represent approximately eighteen percent of all highway fatalities in the state, despite making up less than three percent of all registered motor vehicles. As motorcycle accident lawyers in Denver, we’ve seen a variety of injuries. Listed below are some of the moron common types.

Six Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Road Rash

Road rash is a potentially devastating injury that occurs when a biker’s skin slides across the rough pavement. The severity of road rash injuries can vary dramatically; while these injuries are sometimes relatively mild, in other cases, road rash can lead to severe disfigurement, nerve damage and can even result in very serious infections.

Leg Injuries

Leg injuries are another common consequence of major motorcycle accidents. They include everything from broken bones (femur, tibia, fibula) to serious joint damage, including torn knee ligaments and broken ankles. These types of injuries often require lengthy physical rehabilitation. In the worst cases, motorcycle accidents may result in leg and foot injuries that require amputation.

“Biker’s Arm”

There is a deep human instinct to brace yourself when you are falling. This is a natural, almost inescapable reaction. In many cases, bikers will try to brace themselves with their arms as they are crashing to the ground. Of course, this deep instinctual reflex is not calibrated to consider the force that comes with a motorcycle crash. Trying to brace yourself leads to serious arm injuries.

Head Injuries (Concussion and TBIs)

Many motorcycle accidents result in head injuries, including concussions and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). While these injuries can occur even if a rider is wearing a helmet, they are far more common when the rider is without a helmet. Along with head injuries, neck injuries are also a major concern, as such injuries can potentially result in temporary or permanent partial paralysis.

injuries from motorcycle accidents

Back Injuries, Including Spinal Cord Damage

Back injuries can be completely debilitating. They can take years to fully recover from. In some cases, these injuries may even result in the victim suffering permanent physical limitations. In the most severe cases, the accident victim may sustain spinal cord damage. Spinal cord damage is always serious and can result in permanent paralysis.

Severe Psychological Damage

Finally, motorcycle accidents can also lead to severe psychological trauma. Mental health injuries are no less real than are purely physical injuries. Accidents impact victims in many different ways, but there is no question that major accidents can lead to severe emotional distress and trauma.

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