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I Got Hit By a Car While Crossing the Street—What Now?

hit by car while crossing the streetYou are crossing the intersection when a car suddenly turns into you. The car hits you hard in the legs and you fall to the ground, writhing in pain.

In such a situation, you may not be thinking about anything other than the amount of pain you are experiencing and how you need to get medical help right away.

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However, in order to get the medical help you need, it’s imperative that you take the proper steps to hold the driver liable for your injuries.

Keep reading to learn the steps to take after a pedestrian accident.

Steps to Take in a Pedestrian Accident

After an accident, follow these steps:

1. Stay Calm

You are likely in a ton of pain, but do your best to avoid directing your anger at the driver who hit you. Instead, take a deep breath and move out of the road and onto a sidewalk.

2. Don’t Let the Driver Leave the Accident Scene

Even if the accident is minor and you feel no pain at the time, don’t let the driver leave. Pain can often manifest itself as adrenaline, and once you have calmed down, you may start to feel the pain. Tell the driver—and any witnesses—to stick around until police arrive.

3. Call—and Wait for—the Police

Don’t wait hours or days later to call the police. There’s nothing they can do once you leave the accident scene. Therefore, call for them right then and there, or have someone else call them. It may take a while, but you need to wait for them as well. A police report can greatly help your accident case.

4. Get Information and Take Photos

Make sure to get the driver’s license and insurance information. Take photos as well. You can use photos of the driver’s car, intersection, stop light and the street can as evidence in your claim.

5. Give the Police Officer a Statement

Make sure the police knows what happened from your perspective. You’re the victim, after all. If the driver gives his or her side of the story, it’s likely going to paint you in a negative light, so make sure that the police officer has another side of the story so you can maintain your innocence.

6. Seek Medical Help

Even if you think you’re fine, you could have a broken bone or internal injuries. The sooner you get to the doctor, the better. Not only can you get the treatment you need, but it will help your accident claim. If you wait a few days, it will show the insurance company that you weren’t really injured that badly.

7. Call a Lawyer

A pedestrian accident attorney can advise you of your next steps. They can deal with the insurance company and help you file a claim for compensation. They have knowledge of the legal system and will fight for your rights so you can receive money for medical bills and other damages.

Injured in a Pedestrian Accident? Contact a Colorado Personal Injury Lawyer

If a car hit you or a loved one, you may be dealing with significant injuries. The personal injury lawyers at Roberts Accident Law LLC can help you file a claim against the liable party so you can receive the compensation you need to feel whole again. If you’re ready to start the healing process and move on after a serious injury involving a car, give our office a call at (720) 515-7058. We offer free consultations.



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