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Motorcycle Accident Insurance Settlements in Denver

Riding a motorcycle is an enjoyable activity during the warm days in Denver. However, a relaxing motorcycle ride can quickly turn into an injury accident. That’s because motorcycles are much smaller than cars. Often drivers can’t see riders in blind spots. It’s not uncommon for passenger vehicles to pull out in front of motorcycles and cause an accident.

If you are a victim of a motorcycle accident, you may wonder about compensation, especially if you are struggling with medical bills and cannot work due to the injuries you sustained. Read on to learn about the factors that will affect your insurance settlement.motorcycle accident settlement denver

Common Damages That Affect Compensation

A motorcycle accident can cause numerous damages, including the following:

  • Medical bills;
  • Lost wages;
  • Motorcycle damage;
  • Future medical expenses (for chronic or long-term injuries);
  • Physical therapy/rehabilitation;
  • Future earnings; and
  • Pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life and other non-economic damages.

The more serious the injury, the higher the amount of the settlement.

Settlement Factors

There are several things that affect the settlement from the insurance company. For example, insurance companies tend to hold prejudices against motorcyclists. They understand that many members of the public distrust them because they perceive them to be tough, mean, or part of a gang. This means that lawyers have to work extra hard to sway the insurance company. It’s necessary to help the victim get the settlement he or she deserves.

Juries also tend to have a prejudice against motorcyclists. The defendant knows this and will be more than willing to take the case to trial. This means as the plaintiff, you and your lawyer need to make sure there is sufficient evidence to prove that the defendant was at fault.

The defendant’s automobile insurance limits are also a factor in your settlement. Typically, the settlement will not exceed the car insurance’s liability limits. A verdict can go above this amount, but there is little chance you will be able to collect that much money. The exception is if the defendant is financially well-off and has significant assets.

Motorcycle Settlement and Verdicts

The average verdict for motorcycle accidents that went to trial between 1999 and 2006 was $73,700. In one case, a victim received a $300,000 verdict for suffering a torn knee ligament, soft tissue injuries, and aggravation of a herniated disc. In a wrongful death case, the plaintiff’s family received a $355,000 settlement. One victim who suffered nerve damage and a crushed vertebra received a $1.6 million settlement.

Your Colorado personal injury lawyer will have access to all the motorcycle accident verdicts and settlements in your area. They will use this information to help determine the value of your case.

Injured in a Motorcycle Crash? Contact a Colorado Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle-car accidents can be serious in nature—even fatal. You could receive compensation for various damages. Don’t take the easy way out and settle with the insurance company on your own. Contact Roberts Accident Law, LLC for legal assistance. You pay nothing unless you win, so we will work hard to help you obtain a favorable outcome. Give our office a call at (720) 515-7058 so we can evaluate your case free of charge.



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