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After a Semi-Truck Accident in Colorado—7 Critical Steps

after a semi truck accidentAll auto accidents have the potential to result in serious injuries. Truck accidents tend to have especially devastating consequences. This is because the vehicles involved are much larger than standard passenger vehicles. In fact, some semi-trucks can weigh upwards of 80,000 pounds when loaded with cargo. Injuries sustained in truck accidents are so serious. Injured parties must seek compensation from those who were responsible for the accident. Unfortunately, filing a claim requires compliance with a host of procedural rules. It can also be time-consuming and complicated. If you are a victim in a crash involving a large truck, please contact a dedicated truck accident attorney. They will represent your interests, whether in settlement proceedings or in the courtroom.

What to Do After a Truck Accident

Many car accident victims feel stunned and confused about what to do next after a crash. While each situation is unique, there are certain steps that can improve an injured party’s chances of recovery, including:

  1. Contacting emergency responders who can help injured parties obtain treatment. This is especially important in truck accidents. They are particularly violent and often leave the occupants trapped in their cars.
  2. Giving responding police officers an official statement describing the accident. These reports can go a long way towards establishing fault at a later date if a case goes to trial.
  3. Obtaining treatment for themselves and any others who require medical attention. An injured party does not always need emergency treatment immediately after the accident. Yet, it is still important that he or she receives a medical evaluation as soon as possible. Many serious injuries do not manifest until days or weeks after the accident. Having a check-up at an early date is crucial. It can reduce a person’s chances of suffering the long-term effects of the injuries. The doctor’s reports can also serve as crucial evidence in the case. It helps in establishing that an accident caused a particular injury.
  4. Contacting his or her insurance company to report the accident. However, it is important to speak with an attorney before making any statements to the insurer that is representing the truck driver or trucking company.
  5. Obtaining contact information from the other parties involved in the crash. This includes other drivers, passengers, and bystanders. Collecting insurance information is necessary to help get the settlement process rolling. Eyewitness testimony could be crucial to proving fault at trial. Useful information includes not only names, but addresses, driver’s license numbers, phone numbers, and the name of the truck driver’s employer.
  6. Taking photographs of the scene of the accident. Photograph all property damage caused by the crash, and any physical injuries sustained.
  7. Retaining copies of all medical records related to injuries sustained in the accident. This could include doctor’s notes, bills, invoices, test results, and photographs. These all constitute evidence that can prove a link between an accident and the plaintiff’s injuries.

Contact a Dedicated Truck Accident Attorney Today

Taking these steps will not guarantee that a person will escape an accident without injury or without having to file a lawsuit. But it can go a long way towards helping an injured party collect compensation and move on with his or her life. To learn more about collecting damages for your accident-related losses, please contact Roberts Accident Law. Call (720) 515-7058 or by sending us a message containing a brief description of your case. Consultations are free.



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