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When is a Denver Personal Injury Attorney Necessary? (Hint: More Often Than You’d Think)


If you have suffered some sort of personal injury, you are likely dealing with many different issues all at the same time. In between medical appointments, you are also taking calls from the insurance companies while liability for the accident may be in the process of being contested. One of the first decisions that you should be making is whether you will hire a Denver personal injury attorney. You are likely asking yourself whether it is necessary to hire an injury attorney. Below are some reasons why you should be considering hiring a personal injury attorney and when you should be hiring them.

You may think that you only need a personal injury attorney if you have a case that is going to trial. That is a common misconception that sometimes keeps people from having the legal help that they need at key points of their case. In theory, your case begins the moment you have had an accident or suffered the injury. Anything that happens after that can determine whether you are compensated for your injuries and how much you receive.

If you have been injured in any way, it is advisable to hire a Denver personal injury attorney. If you have been hurt, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Of course, there are still many things that need to be sorted out before you are able to receive a check for your injuries. One of the major issues that needs to be decided is who is at fault for the accident. If you are assigned the liability for the accident, you may not receive compensation for your injuries. This is where you will need a personal injury lawyer on your side.

The gray area is when you may be partially at fault for the accident. You may still be able to recover so long as you do not bear more than 50 percent of the blame. This is where you will need an attorney to help you show that you are not the liable party. Your lawyer will know how to present the facts to the insurance companies when they are making a liability determination.

You will also need to hire a personal injury attorney if the insurance company is not making a realistic and fair settlement offer. Insurance companies generally make money by settling claims for less than they are worth, taking advantage of claimants lack of knowledge about the value of their claim or their desperation to settle. The average person who has been in an accident is not wise to the time-honed tricks of insurance companies. While they know what your claim is worth, they may try to lowball your settlement offer. Your Denver personal injury attorney can handle the negotiations with the insurance company and will know whether their offer will fairly compensate you.

It is best to have an attorney on your side even if the case is going to settle before it sees a courtroom. You may not be in the best position to negotiate your own settlement for a variety of reasons. For starters, it is difficult to think objectively about your own claim. You may either have unrealistic expectations or even will be aiming too low. You will benefit from having an objective viewpoint that an attorney can provide. Then, you will also be able to avail yourself of their negotiating expertise. Most people in this world do not have the sharpest negotiating skills because it is not something that they do every day. Your Denver personal injury attorney will work for you to help you get top dollar in any settlement negotiations.

You may also be experiencing other things during the course of dealing with your claim that you may not be best equipped to handle on your own. For example, you may have to deal with medical bills that insurance may be giving you a hard time about covering. Someone will have to speak with the physicians’ billers in order to obtain leeway for you while your claim is pending.

In this regard, there are also numerous day-to-day issues that may require some knowledge and finesse to address. While your lawyer cannot make every single phone call on your behalf, they can act as your adviser and step in to help you when it is necessary. When you are dealing with the aftermath of an accident, you may be physically injured and mentally traumatized. You cannot be expected to be at your sharpest. However, decisions that you make during this time can have long-term ramifications for your financial situation. Even if you will not be having a high dollar legal trial, sometimes it helps to have some extra counsel and assistance that a Denver personal injury can provide.

While some may hesitate to hire an attorney due to the expense, recognize that the attorney will be working on a contingency basis. This means that they will be paid a portion of your settlement proceeds. While attorneys are not allowed to guarantee that they can get you more money than you would on your own, know that their negotiating acumen can put you in a position to receive a better settlement offer.

Basically, if you have had an accident that results in any injury or if you have been involved in a mishap where liability may be at issue, it is vital to contact a Denver personal injury attorney.



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