He is a great, smart personal injury attorney that cares so much about his clients! Kate C.
Look no further than Mr. Roberts! He made one of the hardest experiences a rather smooth one for me. Vicki C.
He first made sure I was treated for my injuries, then took care of my case. Raymond B.
My experience with Steve Roberts was positive from the first moment I consulted with him. Mysti C.

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Nov 5
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What You Need to Know About Motorcycle Accidents Claims in Colorado

Colorado Motorcycle Accident Claims A ride through a Rocky Mountain state like Colorado may be one of the most beautiful that you ever take. The landscape in Colorado attractive and diverse. You can see everything from plains to high peaks. The weather is also ideal too, with the state boasting 300 days of sunshine. But while Colorado may have the weather, the scenery, and the roads for a great motorcycle ride, riding in our state is dangerous. According to the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association, fatal crashes increased by nearly 20% from 2015 to 2016. This statistic only accounts for …

Oct 26
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I Was Hit By a Drunk Driver in Colorado—What Do I Do?

Getting Help After an Accident with a Drunk Driver For immediate help from an experienced car accident lawyer in Denver, reach out to Steve Roberts today. Car accidents are one of the most common sources of injury in our state and throughout the nation. In fact, there are literally thousands of car crashes throughout our country reported each day. There are a number of things that a driver can do to reduce their risk of a crash. They can ensure their vehicle is well-maintained. They can reduce distractions, slow speed, and more. Still, nothing can prepare a driver for the …

Oct 18

Can I Sue for a TBI from a Car Accident?

Every year, an estimated 2.8 million people in the United States suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Of those, around 282,000 victims are hospitalized and 50,000 die from their injuries. A TBI is a contributing factor to around thirty percent of all injury-related deaths in the United States. Additionally, every day over 150 people die from TBI-related injuries. Roberts Accident Law takes accident claims involving brain injury from car accidents very seriously. We work with the victims and their families to fight for the compensation they need and deserve for the damages they sustain. So, can I sue for a …

Oct 12
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Colorado Personal Injury Law Basics

Being injured in an accident is a scary, painful, and confusing experience. Navigating the legal process of a personal injury case can be overwhelming when you are in recovery. At Roberts Accident Law, we empathize with our clients suffering from a personal injury accident. Additionally, we advocate on their behalf so they can get compensated by those at fault. Below is an outline of the personal injury law basics in Colorado that may help answer questions you have following an accident. Common Types of Personal Injury Accidents An accident can happen almost anywhere, at any time. However, certain situations result …

Oct 4
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What Happens if a Cyclist Is at Fault for a Car Accident?

Serious Injuries with Cyclists and Autos If you were involved in a serious accident and need to speak with an experienced car accident lawyer, please reach out today. It may not characterize the majority of cyclist accidents, but accidents in which the bicyclist is at fault do happen. Just like motorists and pedestrians, there are rules of safety that cyclists must follow. When they don’t, they are not only at fault for their own injuries but they may be liable for the injuries of others and property damage their negligence caused. As such, it is important to understand what happens …



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