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5 Most Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries in Colorado

Unfortunately, drivers who have been in a motorcycle accident have a much greater chance of suffering serious personal injury than they would in other types of accidents such as car accidents or truck accidents. The fact that motorcycle riders are exposed without any sort of body protection makes the injuries more severe. Motorcyclists are 28 times more likely than car drivers and passengers to die in an accident on a per-mile basis. Even if motorcyclists survive, the injuries are generally more severe.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were just under 6,000 motorcycle riders killed in an accident which accounts for 14% of all traffic-related deaths – the highest number since 1975. The issue with motorcycle injuries is their severity.

If you have been involved in a collision, you may need the help of an experienced motorcycle accident injury lawyer in Denver to help you recover damages for your injuries in an accident settlement or lawsuit. Here is some more information on motorcycle accident injuries.

Road Rash

This is an injury risk that is unique to motorcyclists because of the way that they may come into contact with the pavement. Sometimes, the angle of the crash may cause them to slide across the roadway. While motorcyclists may be wearing some form of protective clothing, often there is little to protect the body from road rash. This occurs when the pavement comes into contact with the skin. Concrete can scrape away the skin and severe injuries can resemble burns in their impact on the skin. Severe cases of this injury may require skin grafts to repair. Part of the problem with road rash is that when the skin is scraped away, debris can lodge itself in the body. It is important to practice thorough road rash treatment because if it’s not treated properly, this can result in a serious infection.

Brain Injuries

A majority of motorcyclists wear helmets while riding their bikes. This helps keep some injuries from becoming deaths, but there is still the prospect of serious brain injury that can result from a motorcycle accident injury. Helmets may also keep head injuries from becoming traumatic brain injuries. When the head comes into contact with the pavement, possible injuries range from lacerations to concussions to something worse. Brain injuries can have lasting consequences such as impacting the ability to speak or other functions that are vital to daily life. Brain injuries will usually result in an increased amount of settlement. These injuries can result in the need for extensive rehabilitation or steep long-term healthcare costs. Head and neck injuries make up nearly a quarter of all injuries that result from motorcycle accidents.

Leg Injuries

Motorcyclists are more likely to injure their legs and their feet than any other part of their bodies. The Center for Disease Control studied over a million motorcycle injuries and found that nearly 30 percent of the injuries occurred to the lower extremities. Riders’ legs are the closest to the ground and the legs may be the first thing to come into contact with the pavement in a crash. When the bike rolls over, it will often fall on top of the driver’s legs. This will result in a higher chance of a fracture or a broken leg. The fibula and tibia are at risk of suffering breaks in a motorcycle crash. Riders may also suffer ligament damage based on the way that their legs may bend when they are falling. The other major injury risk is a laceration from either the bike contacting the leg or from road rash.

Spinal Cord Injuries

For those who survive a motorcycle crash, this may be the most severe injury possible. When the head hits the pavement, not only can there be a traumatic brain injury, but there can also be a spinal cord injury. Unfortunately, helmets do not protect much against spinal cord injury because there is still an impact that impacts the neck. Indeed, helmets may shift some of the risk of injury from the head to the spinal cord. Spinal cord injuries can result in paraplegia or quadriplegia. Ultimately, this will cause paralysis, which can be temporary or permanent. Spinal cord injuries will almost always involve significant long-term costs, both in terms of additional care and lost wages.

Thorax Injuries

Nearly one in seven motorcycle injuries are to the thorax. This is the chest area and can be the sternum or the ribs. These injuries can be dangerous because the ribs can puncture other parts of the body that are nearby. They can injure internal organs that are close to the ribs. Other injuries can also result from the chest area including collapsed and punctured lungs. There can be other complications after these injuries including pneumonia and infections.


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It is vital to get legal help immediately after a motorcycle accident. If you or a loved one have been seriously injured, contact an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer in Denver to begin to help with the process of obtaining compensation. Chances are that there will be significant damage from a motorcycle injury. Thus, it is important to contact us to fight for you or your family member to get top dollar for the injuries.

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