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6 Online Support Groups for Motorcycle Accident Victims

If you or a loved one has been a victim of a motorcycle accident, you may find comfort in a support group. Here are seven online support groups where you can meet others who have survived a motorcycle accident and who are willing to share resources and assistance where needed.

Motorcycle Accident Victim Support Groups

  • Biker Down – Biker Down is a non-profit organization established in 2011 for the express purpose of supporting responsible motorcyclists who fall victim to an accident. They provide medical equipment, financial advice, and emotional support to family members struggling with loss of income, security, a home, and other struggles.
  • Daily Strength – Not specific to motorcycle accidents, but victims of any type of motor vehicle accident can find others in similar circumstances to discuss their emotional and psychological issues in a safe environment.
  • Survivors of Motor Vehicle Accident Support Group – This Facebook group has hundreds of members who share accident avoidance tips, insurance information, and other help for victims of motor vehicle accidents.
  • MDJunction – This forum is a community of vehicle accident survivors from all walks of life – it includes victims of every type of motor vehicle accident.
  • BrainLine – Motorcycle accidents result in serious head injury all too often. BrainLine is a support group for victims of brain injury, whether sustained from a motorcycle accident or another trauma.
  • Support Groups – SupportGroups.com is a community of support groups for people struggling with a variety of issues. Victims of motorcycle accidents who have had limbs amputated as a result of their accident may find help in the Amputee Support Group. There is also a support group for people struggling with PTSD.

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