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Getting a Traffic Accident Report from the Denver Police Department

A Traffic Accident Report Is Crucial After a Denver Car Accident

After a car accident in Denver, it is important to get a traffic accident report from the Denver Police Department. The traffic accident report will record the date and time of the accident, the facts and details surrounding the crash, and other pertinent information. Because they hold a position of authority, a report from a police officer carries more weight than a self-filed report.

Reporting Minor Crashes

Colorado State law requires anyone involved in a traffic accident, including those involving another driver, pedestrian, bicyclist, building, or other property to give their name, address, and vehicle registration information to all others involved. You must also report the accident to the local police by calling the station or 911. For minor cases, it’s usually a good idea to phone the local station and report the accident, as long as all parties are clear from danger and there are no serious injuries. If there is no serious damage and no injuries, the police may not even show up on scene. However, you can also report the incident online.

Reporting Serious Crashes

When you are involved in a serious accident, the best course of action is to dial 911. You want help to arrive as soon as possible to help injured parties, protect the scene, and start clearing debris. When you call 911, you will likely take care of the need to have a police accident report filed. If you’re in Denver, the Denver Police department will arrive on scene and they will take steps to create a traffic accident report.

The report will likely include:

getting a traffic accident report from the denver police department

  • The date, time, and weather conditions when the car accident occurred.
  • Description of apparent damages to the vehicles involved.
  • Factual information regarding the incident, including positioning of vehicles.
  • Witness statements and witness information.
  • The officer’s belief as to who was at fault in the accident.
  • Involved driver information.

The information in the report will be highly relevant to your case and any insurance claims that are associated with it. Details such as who the officer believed to be at fault may play an important role in the recovery of damages.

A serious traffic accident will require a police report. If you’ve been involved in a crash in Denver, make sure the police are called to the scene. If you are able, follow up with officers and be sure they are completing and filing a report. You may also want to ask them to send you a copy so it’s easier to locate later.



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